Sikhs in Canada observe April as Heritage Month

With 800,000 Sikhs calling Canada their home, April is observed as Sikh Heritage Month to celebrate the rich history and contributions of the community there. As per the Canadian Encyclopedia, Sikhism is a major world religion that arose from the teachings of Guru Nanak. There are about 27 million Sikhs worldwide, making Sikhism the fifth-largest religion.

Secretary of State Blinken says Indian probe into foiled assassination plot is “good and appropriate”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has called US Justice Department’s indictment of an Indian national for his alleged involvement in a foiled plot to assassinate Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, US-based leader of Sikhs For Justice, a Sikh separatist movement, an ongoing legal matter and termed the Indian government’s decision to investigate the matter as “good and appropriate”. He said the US looked forward to seeing the results.

California Indian Americans host first-of-its-kind Kashmir Conclave

Eminent citizens, speakers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists converged in California recently to discuss Jammu and Kashmir and the way ahead after the abrogation of Article 370 by the Narendra Modi government on August 21, 2019. The first-of-its-kind Kashmir Conclave was held May 13, at India Community Center in Milpitas, California. The Kashmir Conclave team, hosted by a group of individuals mainly Kashmir natives played a crucial role in organizing the event, including accomplished entrepreneurs, lawyers and doctors. The team members include Jeevan Zutshi, Zara Hashim, Irfan Ali, and Tasawar Jalali.

California’s caste-discrimination bill SB 403 passes Judiciary Committee with an 8-0 vote

Protests, petitions, and meetings with lawmakers did not stop the California Senate Judiciary Committee to vote ‘Yes’ to SB 403: Discrimination on the Basis of Caste, which passed the committee with a resounding 8-0 vote on April 25. SB 403 or State Bill 403 is a piece of legislation introduced to make the state free of caste-based discrimination. If signed into law, California will become the first state in America to make caste bias illegal by adding it as a protected category in the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Is India a nation?

Speaking at Cambridge University in 1880, a high official of the British Raj named Sir John Strachey said  “This is the first and foremost thing to learn about India, that there is not, and never was an India, or even any country of India possessing, according to European ideas, any sort of unity – physical, political, social and religious–no Indian nation, no ‘people of India’, of which we hear so much.” 

With Banga’s nomination top World Bank positions to be held by Sikhs

With US President Joe Biden nominating Ajay Banga, the former Indian American head of Mastercard, to head the World Bank, the top posts in the global financial institution will be held by Sikhs. Before Banga, who is slated to take up job – which, by convention, is reserved for a US citizen – this May, the World Bank already has a Sikh in a top post, with Indermit Singh Gill as its Chief Economist.

Sikhs, Jews among the most targeted for hate crimes in the US: FBI stats

iNDICA NEWS BUREAU-   Jews and Sikhs have become the most targeted communities for hate crimes in the US. According to statistics revealed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), incidents related to religion comprised 14.2 percent of incidents. The largest categories of religion-based crime included anti-Jewish incidents at 31.9 percent followed by anti-Sikh incidents […]

Sikhs, civil rights activists slam US correctional agency’s discriminatory beard policy

Sikhs and civil rights activists have expressed grave concerns over California correctional agency’s updated policy that forces bearded officers to shave or face disciplinary action. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) rolled out an updated policy on February 1 that requires staff members to shave facial hair, irrespective of any religious or medical reasons they may have for keeping it.

We need a strong sense of national identity, not regional: Prof Mohanbir Sahwney

Mohanbir Sawhney is the director of the Center for Research in Technology and Innovation at Northwestern University, Illinois, and wants to use all his expertise to calculate the Global impact of the Indian Diaspora (or GDiP as he calls it), as the total value of the economy, philanthropic, intellectual and civic impact on the people, organizations, economies and the governments worldwide, which he says it needs to be measured and have an annual index to see in terms to define progress and success.

Kabul attack

Killing of Sikhs in Afghan attack widely condemned

Ritu Jha- Several Sikh organizations in the US have condemned an attack on a Sikh temple in Kabul in which at least 25 people are reported to have been killed on March 25. In an email, Punjabi Sikh Sen. Dr. Anarkali Kaur Honaryar, representative of minority of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghan Parliament, shared the […]