Rahul Gandhi’s conviction and Indian democracy

Opposition parties in India have joined hands and are crying themselves hoarse in condemning Rahul Gandhi’s conviction and expulsion from Parliament as a huge assault on democracy. Many of the ‘liberal’ media persons and so called ‘intellectuals’ in India have also joined the chorus condemning the ‘murder’ of Indian democracy. One sees hardly any other news in the Indian media nowadays.

Indian rescue teams begin operations as death toll in Turkiye, Syria quakes surpasses 12,000

The number of fatalities from Monday’s devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria has surpassed 12,000, as chances have become smaller to find more survivors in cold weather before the golden 72 hours are over. Search and rescue teams from more than 65 countries, including the Indian NDRF team (see pic), arrived in the Turkish earthquake zones to offer assistance in quake-relief efforts, according to an official statement.