Six Indian Americans win 2023 Guggenheim Fellowships

Six Indian Americans are among a diverse group of 171 scientists, writers, scholars, and artists across 48 fields who have been chosen out of almost 2,500 applicants for the 2023 Guggenheim Fellowships. Scholars Animashree Anandkumar, Venkatesan Guruswami, Abraham Verghese, Projit Bihari Mukharji, Prineha Narang and Leela Prasad (South & Southeast Asian Studies) were selected on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise.

Jason Ma: How to handle college admission rejections

The current college admissions season is coming to a close, and the decisions started arriving for Class of 2027 freshman applicants. Congratulations to those who have been admitted! This article provides some words of comfort or wisdom for all the applicants who experience their share of college acceptances and denials when regular decisions come out from around mid-March to early April.


College-Education Needs Paradigm Shift

Vinita Gupta- Incremental changes in regulations or merely focusing on bribery scandals, may not be enough. Colleges need to re-invent themselves and take responsibility for the value they create. Do four-year degree colleges serve us well after consuming formidable years of our lives and charging enormous tuitions?  I used only 20% of what I learned in […]