Earth as a Cosmic Oasis

By Mayank Chhaya- Two British paleobiologists are reasserting Earth’s uniqueness in the universe as a living planet even while the search for life elsewhere in the cosmos has gained great urgency in recent years. Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams, both professors of paleobiology at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, are challenging the […]

Inflation in India breached RBI’s target but deviation lower than peers

Inflation in India exceeded the Reserve Bank of India’s upper tolerance level but the extent of deviation was comparatively lower to other major countries. Addressing reporters after the GDP numbers for Q4 2022-23 and the entire 2022-23 were released earlier today, Chief Economic Adviser Anantha Nageswaran on Wednesday said that the hike in interest rates in India was not as high as compared to other countries.

Partha Chakraborty Op-Ed: A multi-axial world needs leadership by US, India, and Israel

Partha Chakraborty says: Taken together, the US, India, and Israel create a formidable triumvirate that is willing and able to counter any concentration of power in any other emerging axis. Taken together, they form the biggest – and the most distributed – center of economic heft and the promise of its peoples. Taken together, they can bring a fight to the doorstep to any demon and make Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) a multi-dimensional chase, and hence more potent. Taken together, they are the emerging guardians of the world, bigger than any Thanos, more persuasive than any Dr. No, more creative than your worst imagination.