Appeals court grants prelim injunction to uphold religious rights of Sikh marine recruits

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals on Friday, December 23, 2022, granted a preliminary injunction to allow two Sikh men to begin serving in the US Marine Corps (USMC) with their articles of faith and remanded the previous denial of a third Sikh man’s case for further consideration by the US District Court. The injunction was delivered in connection with a suit filed by the Sikh Coalition.

Kerala-born CEO’s firm to develop specialized zero-pressure tires for the US Army

iNDICA NEWS BUREAU- Kerala-born Abraham Pannikottu led American Engineering Group (AEG) has received funding from the US Department of Defense to develop and manufacture specialized zero pressure tires for the US Army. The Ohio-based firm specialises in carbon fibre pressure zero tire technology, which ensures that the tires will continue running even after being shredded […]