The secret service rushes Trump to a safety bunker to protect from the mob

indica News Bureau-


On Friday night, as the protestors of Floyd reached outside the White House, it was reported that President Donald Trump was rushed to an underground safety bunker, to protect him from his own countrymen.

The move implied a fear that protesters demanding justice for George Floyd might break into the building and endanger the President and his family, according to the mega news outlet CNN and the New York Times.

The bunker was initially built to protect the leader of the country from potential terrorist attacks, but rather it was his own people who came to ask for justice.

Loud chants of “Black lives matter” could be heard from the White House grounds, with thousands of protesters descending on the area and lighting fires as police spray tear gas in response.

What initially began as protesters confronting uniformed Secret Service agents and yelling at them later turned into a contest to defend the metal fences set-up in Lafayette Park. Agents were pelted with plastic water bottles and other objects as protesters tried to get past them.

A few hours after the protests outside the White House ended early Saturday morning, Trump tweeted he was safe and praised the Secret Service for protecting him.

Trump, however, opened himself to a mountain of criticism by tweeting protesters would have been met by vicious dogs and weaponry they had never seen had they broken into the White House.

Trump then went on a Twitter rant, blasting protesters, lending his support for the “majority of police officers” and blaming Antifa and the “radical left” — but without offering any proof — for stoking the riots and property destruction.

While the President was busy on Twitter, former vice president and presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden, in contrast, spent Sunday listening to the concerns from protesters on the streets of his hometown.

In difficult times, people want their leader to be with them to show them the way, and not go hide in a safety bunker. Previously, Trump had mocked Biden for quarantining himself against coronavirus. But Joe Biden has clearly made a strong impression to his countrymen on where he stands when it’s required.