‘The Valley has been especially amazing to me’

Wittyfeed CEO on what TiE provides to small-town India


Ritu Jha


TiE’s expanding reach has spread to even the small cities of India.

Vinay Singhal, co-founder and CEO of Wittyfeed, an Internet media and viral content company based out of Indore, told indica about his time establishing the TiE Madhya Pradesh chapter.

Speaking at the TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs ) Inflect 2018 conference, held May 4-5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, California, he said was earlier part of the TiE Delhi chapter, but as the power of the tech industry grew in Indore in the past five years, he and his friend Abhishek Sanghvi, co-founder of Swan Angel Network, decided to start a chapter.

Vinay Singhal

“There is a huge startup industry and young entrepreneurs coming up. The idea is to be able to provide them great mentorship and a good ecosystem within their locality,” said Singhal. “I always have been passionate about building a startup in smaller towns. And I think there is a need for organizations like TiE to go and start chapters there.”

Founded in 1992, TiE, a not-for-profit globally expanded network currently operates out of 61 cities in 18 countries with a broad reach, impacting more than half a million techies.

Singhal pointed out that TiE Madhya Pradesh members get access to mentors across the world, even being able to invite some to their location. According to Singhal there are 4,000 technology-based independent firms in Indore.

Wittyfeed was started in Indore and has a national as well as international presence. And Silicon Valley provides people from smaller Indian towns the opportunity to spend time and learn.

“The Valley has been especially amazing to me. There is so much to learn from technology, and how to build a product and I have gathered a lot of feedback on our product and have gathered a lot of strategies and how to look at American market the advertising dollar is much higher here especially in our case and it will help us change the course of our company,” he said.

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