The Yasin Bhatkal link to ‘India’s Most Wanted’



The upcoming Bollywood film ‘India’s Most Wanted’ is inspired by a “true story” related to a terrorist, its director Raj Kumar Gupta said on Thursday about the movie which has triggered speculation that it is about Indian Mujahideen militant group’s founder Yasin Bhatkal.

Gupta maintained secrecy of the character on whom the film is based even as the trailer of the movie was released on Thursday. The film is scheduled to be released on May 24.

“I want to say it is inspired by a true event. Who is the terrorist, who have we based the story on…you can decide when you go and watch the film in the theatre,” the director said.

“All I want to say is that it is based on a true event and it was a watershed moment of Indian intelligence department where a terrorist was captured without using a single bullet. But you have to watch the film to know the details,” he added.

He was responding to whether the film’s story was based on Bhatkal, a key conspirator in various terror cases across India.

Bhatkal, who once topped Delhi Police’s list of 15 most wanted terrorists, was arrested from the India-Nepal border after a joint operation by Bihar Police and intelligence agencies in August 2013.

The teaser, released last month, highlighted: “52 blasts, 810 injured, 433 killed. Hyderabad. Jaipur. Ahmedabad. Bangalore. Pune. Delhi. Mumbai”, before the sound of gun shots and bomb blasts take over.

The trailer of the film, starring actor Arjun Kapoor, gives a glimpse into the mission of five people to nab India’s most wanted terrorist — described here as India’s Osama — without any weapon or support in just four days.

It is filled with intense moments, car chase sequences, strong opposition from bureaucrats and runs high on patriotism, with some strong dialogues. 

The terrorist just makes an appearance at the starting of the trailer, and says, “Yeh jung hai iss jung mein kuch bhi ho… chaahe marenge ya maarenge, milegi toh jannat hi (This is war, whether we die or we kill, we will go to heaven)”.

Even the identity of the actor who plays the terrorist in the film has been kept under wraps as he emerges behind a flame. What follows is a close-up to his eyes with reflection of the flame.

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