To the Indian NRIs in Silicon Valley

Justice Markandey Katju

Justice Markandey Katju –


While in North California I met many Indian NRIs who are working in Silicon Valley, either in an IT company or as an entrepreneur.

One of them was a young man from Andhra Pradesh who seemed to me an idealist. He told me he was planning to go back to India and do some social work in a village in Andhra Pradesh. I strongly advised him not to. I told him that the moment he goes to a village he will be branded as a Naxalite and get bumped off by the police.

He accepted my advice and is now doing well in an IT business he has started.

There are many such NRIs in America who are idealistic and patriotic and want to help India but do not know how to do it. My advice to them is to remain in America for the time being and keep increasing their technical knowledge. At present, if they come back to India, they will soon get frustrated. They will not get any importance or respect, and their desire to serve the country will not be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, India is today in the hands of politicians (of all parties) who are thugs, rogues, rascals, deceivers, looters, and gangsters who have no genuine love for the country (though pretending to do so) but are only interested in power and pelf. They polarize people on caste and communal lines for getting votes. So, your sacrifice (you will be giving up cushy/lucrative jobs in America) will not be appreciated, and you will soon be disappointed and regret the step you took.

India is heading for some kind of revolution, as all our state institutions (Parliament, the Judiciary and the Executive) have collapsed, and have become hollow and empty shells. Along with that, there is huge popular discontent among the masses. There is massive poverty, unemployment, child malnourishment, farmers distress, almost total lack of proper healthcare and good education for the masses etc, which is increasing. So a revolution is inevitable. But how and when it will occur, and what form it will take, is impossible to predict. It may take several years to accomplish.

It is only after that revolution takes place, with modern-minded, patriotic leaders that the patriotic NRIs should return to India to serve it. Then your technical knowledge will be of great use to the country for its development, and you will be appreciated and given respect. Till then just bide your time, and keep increasing your technical knowledge, which will be of great use to the Mother Country when it beckons you



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