Top Indian American based body hosts Design Summit


The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) brought together some exciting and contemporary thinking academics, authors, speakers, and practitioners from different areas of interest for a Design Summit on Saturday, October 9.

The discussion of the event covered innovation in Design from multiple perspectives that can solve the various issues the world is facing at this juncture.

According to the press release from the AESI, its executive council member, Vatsala Upadhyay began the meeting with a tribute to the world-renowned designer, late Steve Jobs, to mark the 10th anniversary of his death.

The ASEI President Piyush Malik shared his views on Design based on his field experiences and learnings working with nimble Silicon Valley startups as well as fortune 500 corporations.

His discussion was centered around the importance of Design as a discipline and Design Thinking methodologies adapted from IDEO, Stanford’s, and IBM’s enterprise design thinking approach a.k.a IBM Garage, which is an end-to-end model for accelerating digital transformation.

The keynote speaker Prof. Sanjay Gupta, founder and Vice Chancellor of World University of Design (WUD), shared his vision illustrating the difference between User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UXD). He also spoke about applications of emerging concepts such as AR/VR (augmented reality /virtual reality) and innovation in design in his talk titled “Importance of design for engineers.”

Malik also shared some industry trends based on analyst reports and they discussed the impact of design on creator economy with NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), Blockchain, AR/VR, etc.

Dolly Parikh, founder, and CEO of Aloki Labs, a boutique design studio in California, traced her inspiration to the 1977 film “Power Of 10” and shared learnings from her UX Strategy and Design career across companies such as Apple, Verisign, Expedia, Intuit, Medallia, Aviso, Automation Anywhere, InfoStretch, ARM and MindTickle.

Other speakers included UX Architect Noah Iliinsky; Sabira Gupta, software engineer turned Principal UX Designer at Informatica, who shared her tips for those transitioning into Design careers; veteran designer Ches Wadja who spoke on “Intuition, humility and collaboration in service of design innovation” and shared personal stories from his time at Expedia, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google;

Newly-minted designer Shrinal Patel showcased her portfolio and sought feedback from experienced professionals.

Surbhi Kaul, a Vice President at Juniper Networks, an ASEI Life Member who serves on the Silicon Valley chapter board, thanked volunteers and called for nominations for next year’s board.

The ASEI is a not-for-profit organization that provides a platform for networking, career advancement, community service, mentoring and technology exchange for professionals, students and businesses in the United States and abroad.