Trump turns the media’s attention to India and China 



US President Donald Trump has been known to distract a question by directing the conversations towards something else. When the United States is under complete discord, he turns the focus towards how India and China are handling the COVID-19?

He said that countries like India and China would have much more coronavirus cases than America if they conduct more tests.

Speaking at a medical manufacturing facility in Maine, Trump Friday said the US had tested over 20 million samples for the disease so far.

The US is the worst-hit by the pandemic, in terms of both deaths and infections. The country has reported nearly 1.9 million cases and over 1,09,000 fatalities, according to the data by Johns Hopkins.

India, on the other hand, is below 10% of what the US is, with 2,36,657 cases reported and 6,642 deaths. China, where the coronavirus was first detected, has registered 84,177 infections and 4,638 deaths.

“We will be well over 20 million tests. Remember this, when you test more, you have more cases. I say to my people every time we test, that you find cases because we do more testing. If we have more cases, if we wanted to do testing in China or India or other places, I promise you there would be more cases, Trump was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

India has so far conducted over 4 million coronavirus tests, according to the health ministry.

Trump also compared the US’s testing rate to Germany, which he said had tested four million samples, and South Korea, which he claimed had done about three million so far.

Describing the fight against coronavirus as the greatest national and industrial mobilization since World War II, Trump said that his administration has marshaled the full power of the US government and US industry to defeat the invisible enemy.