Twitter to soon let users upload over 3-hour videos


Micro-blogging platform Twitter will soon allow users to post over 3-hour long videos.

When Twitter-owner Elon Musk responded to the American comedian and podcaster Theo Von’s tweet, “Comedy is legal on this platform!”

Lex Fridman, host of the famous Lex Fridman Podcast and who recently posted a video of him training jiu jitsu with Musk, commented, “Nice. It would be great to be able to upload 3+ hour podcast videos, with timestamps/chapters. PS: Theo is awesome.”

“Coming,” Musk replied.

“Thanks Elon! Let me know when you’re ready to bring podcasts to twitter. happy to help,” Von added.

Several users expressed their thoughts on Twitter-owner’s post.

While one user said, “Meme editor. Elon. Cmon. give us give us,” another commented, “Can you make the uploading time faster….I be trying to upload a 5 mins video and it still takes like 10 mins to post.”

In May, Musk had announced the ability to upload 2-hour videos (8GB) for Twitter Blue Verified subscribers.

The microblogging platform had also changed its Twitter Blue page and announced that the video file size limit for paid users has been raised from 2GB to 8GB. Despite these changes, the maximum upload quality remains 1080p.

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