Ukraine defense council reaffirm accusations against Indians


Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council informed indica that the high-profile personalities of Indian origin in the “Russian Propaganda “list has been named because they repeat narratives that resonate with Russian propaganda.

The three-page reply signed by Andriy Shapovalov, acting head of the CCD, exclusively sent to indica August 30, 2022 said that the center analyzes who is speaking on behalf of Russia and that it monitors Western mass media on a daily basis regarding disinformation and discredit of Ukraine in the international arena, as well as regarding the promotion of separate narratives specific to the Kremlin.

CCD alleged that during the analysis of the foreign information segment by the center, more than a hundred scientists, military personnel, journalists and politicians were found to be promoting narratives consonant with Russian propaganda.

“They are doing it for a long time and systematically; they are actively used by the Kremlin media in their propaganda, trying to create the false impression that Russia needs the support of foreign society for certain actions of the Putin regime,” it stated.

Describing why those personalities had been named for making “statements that the USA/NATO and Russia are the main rivals in the Russo-Ukrainian war, [and that] Ukraine is deprived of subjectivity in world politics, which contradicts Article 1 of the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, rule of law (”

According to them, those on the list promote narratives in the international arena are consonant with Russian propaganda, including claims that a proxy war is taking place between NATO and Russia in Ukraine; the United States and NATO provoked Putin; events involving a massacre in Bucha are fake; there is a civil war in Ukraine; sanctions against Russia are not working; NATO bases are located in Ukraine; in Europe, states recognize that Crimea has always been part of Russia; and that Ukraine was considering the forceful method of entering Donbas and taking Crimea.

CCD was established last year in March 2021, is a working department of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, and is actively involved in countering Russian aggression.

The report names two other Indians – former diplomat P.S. Raghavan and veteran journalist Saeed Naqvi.

Sam Pitroda, a Chicago-based entrepreneur policymaker, and an advisor to former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi told indica, “I was so upset to see the Kremlin attack innocent people in Ukraine. In the very first week of the war, I spent a whole day worrying and working on five paintings on the Ukraine war.”

He said, “I invite the National Security Agency of Ukraine to back their claims and statement with appropriate information and evidence. If not, I expect an apology. I also invite them to come talk to me.”

According to him, the allegations are “totally bogus claims by ignorant and misinformed security people. Unfortunately, they see everything only from their perspective. If the national security and defense council of Ukraine has any information to back their comment and claims, I invite them to show and share.”

He said it is crazy for a national government agency to say irresponsible things without any facts – a lie that suits their narrative.

“It is sad that our world has come to a stage where leaders lie, their government lie and their agencies and social media amplify lies,” Pitroda said. “It is very sad if this is what so-called intelligence agencies, spies and security experts do. Have we lost our character, values, ethics, morals and manners?”

As he put it, “I have never met any Russian person, seen Russian TV, or read a Russian newspaper specially in the last five years. No one has ever contacted me as well. How could the Kremlin media use me if I do not know anything about anybody there? Nor do I care about their propaganda.”

Pitroda said the Ukraine government is playing with the reputations of dedicated, committed, concerned, and courageous people who have impeccable track records of honesty and sincerity.

“We help focus on larger global issues related to Inclusion, sustainability, new economy and nonviolence,” he said. “I cannot speak for everyone on the list, but I can surely speak loud and clear for myself and others who worry about the state of the world today.”

The CCD list has been denounced by The Schiller Institute and signed by 25 people, Pitroda among them. He was also one the first 30 individuals on the target list who were speakers at a Schiller Institute conference held this year. Pitroda is the author of the book, “Redesign the World: A Global Call to Action.” In his presentation at the June 18-19 Schiller Institute Conference, he said, “We live in a society where the purpose of government policy is to benefit power and profit, not planet and people.”

Amb. Raghavan declined to provide detailed comments to indica, limiting himself to saying, “I would merely say that it is preposterous to suggest that I further the propaganda of any foreign country. I have represented India as a diplomat for over 36 years and continue to articulate an Indian point of view, consistent with India’s national interest.”

The CCD said the published information about the list of speakers who promote narratives consonant with Russian propaganda is aimed, first of all, at citizens of Ukraine, to prevent attempts to manipulate public opinion.

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