US Ambassador Garcetti: President Biden feels India is most important country in world to him


US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti, on Tuesday, said President Joe Biden told him that India is the most important country in the world to him.

“He (President Biden) told me, when he asked me to come here to serve, he said, this is the most important country in the world to me, I think something that no American president has ever uttered in the history of our two countries…Indian Americans constitute six per cent of taxpayers in the US…” Garcetti said.

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The US Ambassador said: “From technology to trade, from the environment to women’s empowerment, from small businesses to space, we used to say the sky is the limit, but now that we’re working together in space, not even the sky is the limit. From the seabed to the heavens, the US and India are a force for good and a powerful force to move this world forward.”

Garcetti said he wanted to come to India for his junior year to live in Bodhgaya and do a Buddhist studies program.

“But politics got in the way. I got elected to the student council, and I said I promised I’d serve. So my India dream kind of died, or so I thought. But the universe has a curious way of connecting people and dreams, and now suddenly, I’m living that dream here,” he added.

Last Friday, Garcetti had said that he is excited to elevate India-US relations during his tenure as he completed 100 “incredible days” as the US ambassador to India.

Taking to his official social media account ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), he stated, “Celebrating 100 incredible days as the US Ambassador to India! During my #First100Days, I have explored 12 Indian states & UTs, savoured 200+ delicious Indian dishes, and connected with amazing people. Thank you for the deep friendship and the warm welcome. I am excited to elevate #USIndia relations during my tenure!”

Garcetti also posted a video on ‘X’ where he shared a glimpse of his tour to Indian states and meeting people. He also thanked the country in the video, “Thank you, India for embracing me here as Ambassador and making my time here so welcoming and productive.”

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