US based Sewa International raised $1 million to support people in need during pandemic


Many NGOs are stepping up their game like never before. The coronavirus pandemic has called for their help and NGOs across the country are working hard to offer service as much as they can and a little more.

Recently, an Indian-American NGO has raised more than USD 1 million to fight hunger in India and the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sewa International has been on their toes since the pandemic began, and now they are the second Indian-American organization to have raised more than USD 1 million, after Indiaspora, who had done so in April.

“Our steady, coordinated, hard work in supplying PPE to those fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic, as well as providing a variety of support to those who are caught in the web of this pandemic has enabled generous donors to understand and acknowledge our work,” said Sewa International’s chief operating officer and vice president Arun Kankani.

Swea International has also engaged and coordinated the work of more than 200 professionals including doctors, attorneys, financial and employment specialists to offer more than 90 webinars to provide expert guidance. The work was carried out in 198 cities across the country, with more than 3,000 volunteers involved in various relief activities unremittingly, the NGO said.

Many of the Sewa’s volunteers have taken the mask making upon themselves. They’ve been distributing homemade masks

for those who can’t afford N95s.

On May 30, Sewa International’s Bay Area Chapter distributed hot meals, groceries, masks, and hygiene kits to more than 700 families in a drive-through distribution event held in Oroville, California.

The organization is also running 10 helplines in different metropolitan areas to provide non-medical advice and assistance. It has also helped hundreds of stranded international students and travelers so far, coordinating the work with foreign consulates.

For its general relief stream, it has received support from Avadhesh Agarwal, hotelier, businessman, and philanthropist from Los Angeles, California.

It has received financial backing from Jugal Malani, an industrialist, and philanthropist from Houston, for its Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) track. Its Food and Essential Support initiative received funding from Rani Kumra, a philanthropist from Bay Area, California.

Malani, the man who past year hosted prime minister Modi’s Houston visit told indica, seeing the pandemic and need he got involved in raising funds for Sewa. When asked I see you have donated over $50,000, he said, “Yes, this is his way for supporting Sewa and is helping in raising more funds.”

When everything seems to be going well, these NGOs humbly merge into the background and hard to be seen. But at times like these, they’ve been a beacon of light, reinstating hope wherever it seems lost.