US Capitol attack: Indian flag seen in America’s shame


In America’s visuals of shame, of Donald Trump supporters storming the heart of the nation’s democracy, the United States Capitol, on January 6, 2021, there was also apparently an Indian flag.

Some videos seemed to show an Indian Tricolor being waved as smoke billowed towards the Capitol building.

Four people died in the unbelievable events that unfolded, shocking America and the world.

The mob that invaded the United States Capitol, presenting scenes one expects not in a country that calls itself a defender of democracy, carried a lot of flags. Of South Vietnam, the confederate flag, the Israeli flag, an Iranian flag.

There’s even some Twitter research on over what some of the more obscure flags mean.

Lest you think this was an all-white mob, there are Indian-American supporters of the president who took part — like my source Hemant, a businessman from Iselin, New Jersey. He sounded ecstatic about today’s events,” tweeted Arun Venugopal, a New York-based Indian-American journalist.

The Indian-American community at large condemned the events.

Today’s violent attack on the United States Capitol was disgusting,” Ajay Bhutoria, a member of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s team, told indica News. “This act of sedition, stoked by Donald Trump, is a threat to our country and to every American’s rights and wellbeing.

It must not be tolerated,” Bhutoria added. “I condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms. President-elect Joe Biden overwhelmingly and unequivocally won the election.”

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) called it a sad day for America and for democracy at large.

The HAF unequivocally condemns the violence, chaos, and anarchy that unfolded today at the US Capitol building, as a mob stormed in and broke into the House and Senate chambers during a joint session of Congress. This is absolutely unacceptable, shameful, and wrong,” the HAF said in a statement.