US companies ready to be part of future India’s $30 trillion economy: USIBC president Atul Keshap



Ahead of the India Ideas Summit scheduled to be held in September, the president of the US India Business Council (USIBC), Atul Keshap, has said that the US companies are geared up to be part of India’s vision to become a $30 trillion economy.

In a post on LinkedIn Keshap has said that from his perspective as the president of a trade association, hundreds of executives across the 200 member companies of USIBC see the potential value of India.

He said that this is the time when India has a “shining moment” to capitalize on global trends and that USIBC is offering constructive feedback on the existing regulations and the manner in which India needs to position itself to take maximum advantage of this crucial juncture.

The USIBC will hold its 47th Annual General Meeting and India Ideas Summit on September 6-7, 2022 in New Delhi. “Our focus for the Summit is on “Maximizing the Next 75 Years of US–India Prosperity” – reflecting the milestone 75 years of diplomatic relations between the US and India and the continued growth of our partnership for global good.

In a tweet by the council: “USIBC is excited to announce that the Honorable Finance Minister @nsitharaman will be joining us for our 47th Annual General Meeting and #IndiaIdeasSummit2022 this September. Through U.S.-India investment ties, we can expand financial inclusion and maximize #USIndiaProsperity

Participants will discuss the US-India partnership in the context of the Indo-Pacific and an increasingly dynamic and competitive strategic landscape. The summit will also take a look at the future of energy. A statement of USIBC says: “We will explore avenues for US-India cooperation to achieve energy security and transition, as the world endures high fuel and commodity prices while also seeking pathways for climate-sensitive development.”

Dwelling on the digital economy, key movers and shakers from across government and industry will hold deliberations on the US-India tech convergence and frameworks for growing and governing the digital economy.  In the social development sector, the summit will provide a platform to highlight the role of global companies in driving gender equality and social development across the US-India corridor and around the world.

Keshap has tweeted: “My oped in the @IndianExpress argues that our two great democracies can and must deliver for our people and the world.”

“As we encounter an increasingly competitive and risky geopolitical arena in the 21st century, the US and India can spearhead a sustainable and inclusive abundance agenda through our trade partnership, making the case for democracy through our shared prosperity. This includes relaxing India’s trade barriers, lowering America’s talent barriers, ensuring sound and aligned regulatory practices, securing the free world’s supply chain, and promoting investment across the corridor. As we face the challenges to democracy together, our prosperity is our strength, and our commercial relations are essential to enduring and meaningful cooperation,” Keshap’s oped in Indian Express says.

“The remarkable history of our nations demonstrates that democracies can secure the liberty, safety, and dignity of their people. Combined with free enterprise, these commitments can build a more prosperous and exciting future for the world. Our politicians, bureaucrats, and companies must work together to prove that democracies continue to deliver and show that the free people of America and India can lead the 21st-century world to even greater opportunities for the pursuit of happiness,” the oped adds.