UV International creates jobs in U.S. with machinery from India

Bani Mukherjee-

UV International Inc’s latest factory was inaugurated at Santa Ana, California, by India’s Consul General TV Nagendra Prasad Rao May 20 in the presence of UV President Reena Bhargava and CEO Gaurav Bhargava.

The event was attended by prominent leaders of the Indian American community in the region and followed by a discussion on India’s emerging market and how to boost Indian imports.

The new facility will provide employment opportunities in the U.S. It is also a unique setup as the machines are from India while the product assembly and packaging will be done in the U.S.

Gaurav Bhargava is also founder of Lph Apparel, also located in Santa Ana. The organization primarily operates in the ready-to-wear sector and enhances job opportunities in the U.S. while promoting collaboration with India.

India is one of the world’s leading exporters of textiles. It is also one of the largest jute and cotton producers in the world. The government’s strategic initiatives to encourage economic growth are helping to boost trade and economic development.

India has the momentum necessary to achieve economic growth in these difficult times. These industries will play a pivotal role in enhancing employment generation and uplifting small and medium businesses.

Consul General Nagendra Prasad said India’s economic growth and infrastructure development are critical to achieve higher growth. India’s digital success and leadership have been a catalyst for this success, he said. The government’s strategic initiatives to encourage the infrastructure sector and facilitate overall growth is providing a boost to the growth of the economy.

Bob Berg, who is the sourcing head at MAGIC, said collaboration between India and USA will be vital for growth and development of both economies. India is rapidly emerging as a global leader in the apparel industry with small, medium, and large industries.

Kirit Patel, founder and CEO of Venus Group Inc, said the government of India is helping to boost trade and it should also focus on areas of improvement to boost the economy.

Kevin Wadhwani, founder and CEO of Amrapur Overseas Inc, supplier of institutional and hospitality linens which has since expanded into retail home fashion textiles and décor items, emphasized that the government of India and its consulate general should promote trade and faster economic growth.