Waited six months to join Google: Sacked Indian-origin techie


As Google started laying off its 12,000 employees, affected employees are beginning to look for new jobs on LinkedIn, and among those affected is an Indian-origin worker who says he “waited for six months to join Google”.

Kunal Kumar Gupta, a technical program manager at Google in California, wrote on LinkedIn: “As the news is out that Google has done a 12,000 strong layoff, unfortunately, I have been impacted by the same. After 3 years and 6 months at Google, I got an email stating that my employment has been terminated effectively.”

Gupta further said that he had waited six months to join Google and worked as a teaching assistant to maintain his immigration status after graduating from the US-based Carnegie Mellon University in 2019.

“And Google just sent an email stating I was no longer a part of the organisation, that is how life works sometimes,” he mentioned.

Recalling his journey at Google, Gupta shared: “Google has been the best professional time of my career, I have met some of the smartest and nicest folks across teams. I thank all of them for working with me and giving me the opportunity to learn from them.”

He concluded his post by saying :”I am immediately open to work and would need immediate assistance to find a role as I am on an H-1B visa which gives me 60 days to find a job.”

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