What is Hantavirus? What is prevention and treatment for Hantavirus?

Indica News Bureau

Hantavirus is another dangerous virus which emerged in China a few days back and killed a man who was travelling in a bus.

Is Hantavirus similar to Coronavirus?

Yes and no. Though the symptoms seen in the man who died from Hantavirus was similar to that of Coronavirus but it is not spread by humans as is the case with the Coronavirus. Hantavirus is spread through rats.


Is Hantavirus as dangerous as the coronavirus?


Many are asking if Hantavirus is as dangerous as the coronavirus. The positive thing is that Hantavirus is hardly spread and caught by the humans. Due to the panic condition because of the catastrophic situation caused by the Coronavirus world over, 32 people travelling along with the person who died from Hantavirus where also tested for the coronavirus. All other passengers were found to be negative for Covid-19.

Are symptoms of Hantavirus is similar to the coronavirus?


The answer is yes. The rat-borne disease can cause coughs, fever and shortness of breath as is the case with coronavirus symptoms. The good thing about the Hantavirus is that it is not spread by humans.


What is the death rate for Hantavirus?


The death rate for Hantavirus is significantly higher that coronavirus. A person with Hantavirus has a 38% chance of dying compared to the coronavirus which has a death rate of around 3 percent.


How Hantavirus can cause death?


Hantavirus can lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). It can damage the blood vessels and as a result, the blood vessels can leak. It affects the functions of other organs such as heart and lungs. This could lead to death of a person affected with Hantavirus.


Since Hantavirus does not spread through human beings, the chances of transmission is rare, so there is no need to panic. What you can do is to avoid rodents like rat to keep yourself safe from Hantavirus.