Why do I gravitate towards white? – Colors and The Five Elements.

Namrata Sharma –

Namrata Sharma is a color therapist

As we already know, colors have a profound effect on us. Colors affect our physiological and psychological being and can be used for healing us at physical, mental and emotional levels.

Favorite colors, to quite an extent, talk about our personality traits, our likes and dislikes.

Why we like a certain color depends upon our gender, age, education and culture. But one very important factor is the fact that our body is made up of the five elements which combine in a unique composition to give us our shape, appearance, personality and preferences.

Each of us have a strong or a dominant element. We are governed by the traits of this element and its color.

Earth: Green and Brown

Earth represents constancy, security and physical power. It is the element of stability, fertility, potential and stillness. Earth element makes us grounded and secure.  Green and brown are used to represent the earth. If you love green, you are committed to others. If brown is your favorite, you are strong, dependable and reliable. The earth element also brings warmth, comfort and security to your personality.

Earth element exists in the most gross form. It can be perceived by all five senses. We can feel, smell, hear, see and taste it.

Water: Blue

Water represents a sense of cleansing and purity. It is meant to be the element of emotion and the unconscious and symbolizes emotional life. Water is considered the most calming of all elements. This element helps us go with the flow and smooth out our situations. It is represented by blue. If you prefer blue, you are a calm, trustworthy, loyal person who encourages harmony and safety and enjoys peace.

Water is more subtle than earth since it exists in fluid form. It can be perceived by four senses. We can feel, hear, see and taste it.

Fire: Red and Orange

Fire is the element that represents energy, strength and optimism and is considered the most powerful of all elements. It is also associated with activity and life force. Fire is highly purifying and protective. It consumes all impurities and drives away the darkness. The fire element determines how intense you are. Red and Orange are used to symbolize fire. If these are your favorite colors, you are someone who is driven, adventurous, and active with a warm and friendly personality.

Fire is more subtle than water. It can be perceived by three senses. We can feel, hear and see it.

Air: Yellow and White

Air represents logic, reason and intellect. It is also the element of creativity and enlightenment. The air element influences how mobile you are. Yellow and white are traditionally used to represent this element. Yellow is a symbol of intellect, joy, optimism, and friendship. If you are attracted to yellow, you are willing to share with others and yet emphasize your individuality. White represents purity, innocence and peace. If this is your color, then you are independent, logical and organized.

Air is more subtle than fire. It can be perceived by two senses. We can feel and hear it

Space: Gold

Space is the most difficult to describe.  It represents expansion and enhancement and is described as spiritual or connected. It also represents the pauses that allow reflection. The space element is deeply connected to our inner wisdom and intuition. It is characterized by its golden color. This color represents success, achievement, and triumph. If this is your favorite color, you are likely to be outgoing, extrovert, and socially confident

Space is the most subtle of all elements. It can be perceived only in one sense. We can only hear it.

In our scriptures, the five elements symbolize the physiological and spiritual qualities we need to develop and understand. If we work consciously with these elements, we can live a long, fulfilling, and happy life based on Higher Awareness.