Widow of Merced abduction-murder victim starts fundraiser to support surviving family members



Jaspreet Kaur, the widow of Amandeep Singh who along with three other family members was murdered after being abducted on October 3, has started a fundraiser to help the victims’ family members.

In her post on the GoFundMe site, Jaspreet Kaur said that the beneficiaries of this fundraiser will be the Memorial Trust Fund of the Dheri Family which will help support the surviving members.

“This is the story of our shared American dream gone wrong. Our loving family was violently taken away from us on October 3. A criminal kidnapped and murdered our beautiful 8-month-old baby Aroohi, her mother Jasleen, her father Jasdeep (JB), and her uncle Amandeep (Aman). As immigrants to America, they worked tirelessly for 18 years to achieve safety, security, and community for themselves and their families. Aman and Jasdeep were the primary bread earners for the family, supported their elderly parents, and lived under one roof,” the post said.

On Monday, October 3, a family of four – Eight-month-old Aroohi Dheri and her parents — 27-year-old mother Jasleen Kaur and 36-year-old father Jasdeep Singh and her uncle, 39-year-old Amandeep Singh – was abducted from their place of business in Merced, around 101 miles south-east of San Jose in California. After an intense search that involved the local police, the FBI, and the Department of Justice, their bodies were found on October 5 evening by a farm worker in a remote area near the intersection of Indiana and Hutchins roads, northeast of Dos Palos.

The victims are survived by Aroohi’s grandparents, Randhir Singh and Kirpal Kaur, Aman’s wife, Jaspreet Kaur (Jass) their children Ekam (6 years) and Seerat (9 years).

“Randhir and Kirpal were overjoyed in recent years to see their family grow. They were proud of their sons Aman and Jasdeep and cherished playing with their granddaughter Aroohi. They recently traveled to India to plan a Lohri celebrating Aroohi’s arrival in the family and now miss her greatly. They are left with a void in their family that cannot be filled.”

Jass is now a single mother taking care of the two children “who are left without their father and cannot fathom why their dad will not return”.

In her heartfelt appeal, Jass has recounted that Aroohi loved to run around the house in her walker and was a joyous child. “She loved being held in her grandparent’s, aunt’s, and uncle’s arms; her eyes were always full of joy. She meant the world to her little cousins Ekam and Seerat.”

Aroohi’s parents, Jasdeep and Jasleen, married three years ago in India and re-united two years ago in America after Jasleen’s immigration. The incident took place at a juncture when they were starting to make memories together as a family with their baby.

In keeping with his name, Aman (meaning peace) was calm, positive, charitable, and always ready to help others. Aman was the rock of his family, a great dad who always made time to cuddle his son Ekam, read with his daughter Seerat, and treasure their many art projects and other accomplishments. Aman was loved and admired by his wife, Jass. Aman routinely donated food to the local food bank and found comfort in his faith, never missing Sunday service in the temple. He was a caring elder brother and a role model to his cousins.

“We are grateful for the prayers, and tremendous support shown to us by our community. While nothing can fill this void, your prayers and donations will support the upbringing and education of the two children and provide financial relief to Jass, Randhir, and Kirpal in these difficult times,” the appeal on GoFundMe said.


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