Indian-American arrested in Georgia for sexually assaulting police officer


An Indian American from Hogansville, Georgia, has been arrested after he was accused of sexually assaulting a uniformed on-duty female police officer, according to officials.

Prilesh Navinchandra Thakkar, a manager of a gas station in Hogansville, made his move on the police officer while she was conducting a business check on May 11.

She was at the Hop In service station along state Highway 54 when the 300-pound manager grabbed her and pulled her behind the counter, according to reports

The investigators say that Thakkar attempted to “forcefully commit an indecent act on the female police officer” who was on duty at the time. Investigators say the officer managed to separate herself from Thakkar and immediately reported the incident to her supervisors.

Police say Thakkar was arrested on the same day of the attack. He has been charged with Sexual Battery and Obstruction in an incident that involved an officer.

Officials with Hogansville Police say they believe Thakkar may have preyed on other victims due to the boldness of his attack on a uniformed police officer.

“To have attempted this act on a uniformed police officer … there may be other victims of similar attacks,” police said.

The Troup County Sheriff’s Department assisted HPD in the investigation, and handled initial interviews in the case, according to a release. Thakkar has been booked into the Troup County Jail.