Former curator sues Worcester Art Museum for racial discrimination, hostile work environment

An Indian American expert of South Asian and Islamic art has sued the Worcester Art Museum officials for allegedly subjecting her to racial discrimination and a hostile work environment. In her 64-page lawsuit, the petitioner has raised a number of accusations against the museum director, her supervisor, and four board members.

Asian Art Museum Takes You “Beyond Bollywood”: A new art show celebrating 2000 years of the heritage of dance in South Asia

America is celebrating the Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage this month. What would be a better way to commemorate this than by visiting the latest art show at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco titled “Beyond Bollywood”. The show explores 2000 years of the heritage of dance from temples to royal courts to modern movie classics in the Indian sub-continent and South Asia.

Asian Art Museum’s ‘Beyond Bollywood’ exhibition promises to be an enthralling experience

Beginning March 31, the Asian Art Museum will host ‘Beyond Bollywood: 2000 Years of Dance in Art’ to showcase dance in its varied forms, especially in the arts of South and Southeast Asia – from the sacred dance of a god bringing the world into being to the sensual dance of a courtly performer before a maharaja to the glamour of modern Bollywood.


Tourism and Hospitality sectors in San Francisco face extreme on-going challenges. For the last decade or so, the steady decline in tourism has had a cascading ripple effect across multiple allied industries resulting in systemic and significant revenue losses and problems that continue to drag down the trends across the board. Political window-dressing and a misplaced sense of romantic nostalgia of “I left my heart in San Francisco (Tony Bennett 1961)”, are proving detrimental to visitor confidence- with both those contemplating a visit to San Francisco as well as those who paid a visit and faced its shocking reality.

COP 27: Future Forward

The Climate Summit held earlier this year in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt posed more questions than answers to the calls for a viable approach towards reducing global warming, among others. Even as rhetoric ruled the roost, time-tried and tired echo chambers resonated with similar panels, same evocations, misplaced media moments, and righteous indignation from the elite to the exploited.

Amitabh Bachchan’s remarks on civil liberties at KIFF shake up audience

An impressive, star-studded gathering at the inauguration of the 28th Kolkata International Film Festival here on Thursday evening was taken by a bit of surprise, when Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, usually known for dodging political issues, suddenly referred to issues like “civil liberties” and “freedom of expression”.