Eat walnuts daily for better gut, heart health

IANS- Walnuts may not just be a tasty snack, they may also promote good-for-your-gut bacteria, say researchers, adding that these ‘good’ bacteria could lead to better heart health. The study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, suggests walnuts as a part of healthy diet may be a heart- and gut-healthy nut. Additionally, those changes in […]

Diabetes can independently lead to heart failure

IANS- Heart problems are a common development for people with diabetes and now researchers have found that diabetes is an independent risk factor for the development of heart failure in the community dwelling population. According to health expert in India, if poorly controlled, diabetes leads to cardiomyopathy resulting in progressive deterioration of pumping capacity of […]

Is one-dose of HPV vaccine enough to prevent cancer causing virus?

indica News Bureau-   Study conducted with an only-women team, published in journal JAMA Network Open, suggests that dose of HPV vaccine may be as effective as the currently recommended two- or three-dose series to prevent infection from potential cancer-causing virus. Senior author Ashish Deshmukh, Assistant Professor at The University of Texas Health Science Center […]